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Fotoaromanzo: A Scent Journal by Kashina (limited edition)

Fotoaromanzo: A Scent Journal by Kashina (limited edition)

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Antifurniture, 2022. Saddle-stitched with green thread in Mohawk wrappers with tipped-in photograph; color centerfold, 40 pp. 

Lettered edition; of 26 copies and 4 APs. 

"Summer therapy is lying on a bed of ice or lettuces..."

Fotoaromanzo follows Kashina's two previous Antifurniture publications, East of Borneo (2020), and Puce Moments (2018), tuning into the Kashina numbers station on July 7, 2019. The scent journal collects twenty-six entries, concluding on August 18, 2019. Fotoaromanzo 2 (forthcoming), will offer the next twenty-six entries over another approximate lunar cycle, succeeded by Fotoaromanzo 3, Fotoaromanzo 4... &c.

This inaugural issue of Fotoaromanzo, and those to follow, will be produced in a trade edition (unlimited, saddle-stapled), and in limited, lettered edition of 26 copies, hand-sewn by Hadley Hill Bindery.

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